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  • Ouya Console
    20th, August
    OUYA, an Interesting Time in Gaming History

    We’re truly experiencing a unique change in gaming history. No, I’m not referring to graphical leaps or better hardware. I’m speaking of the new prospects developers now have where they can easily receive help from the community to make their ideas come to fruition. A time in history where the lines between developer, publisher and…

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  • Mass Effect The End
    26th, June
    Mass Effect 3 Closure

    I woke up this morning knowing there was something I had to do before heading into work today. Something very important. Staring at my PS3 for a minute made me remember that today was the day we’d get answers from Bioware in the form of additional cutscenes. I immediately jumped up and ran to my…

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  • Look of Disapproval Glasses
    01st, March
    Pushing Boundaries vs. Tasteless Media: One Example

    There’s a new mod coming out in a few months. This mod uses the Valve Source engine to make a game that covers a controversial topic. The mod is titled School Shooter: North American Tour 2012. From the title alone, you can see why it’s a controversial subject that has had gamers take a side on…

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  • Bulletstorm Headshot
    10th, February
    Games and Rape: More Thoughts on Carole Lieberman

    This whole fiasco with Fox News and psychiatrist Carole Lieberman is reminiscent of the small scandal involving psychologist Cooper Lawrence. You know, the pundit who was part of the “Mass Effect as a sex emulator” discussion. I’m studying Psychology myself, though I’m obviously no expert, but PSY101 clearly enforces something Dr. Lieberman seems to have forgotten….

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  • Tired Sticky Note
    10th, December
    PS3 Gamer? I’m Tired of Labels!

    I’m not a PS3 gamer. I’m not an Xbox 360 gamer. I’m not a hardcore gamer. I’m not a casual gamer. I’m not even a female gamer. I’m just a gamer. I am passionate about what I love, and what I love are games. I am always open to new gaming experiences… Stop trying to…

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  • 19th, June
    SG E3 2010: Gamer girls want some eye candy too!

    Beer, chicken wings, Xbox, doughnuts, boobies and fake boobies. I’m sure I’ve grabbed every male reader’s attention. When it comes to the gaming industry, it’s no secret that it is a testosterone-dominated field. From the development of games to the retail shelves, it has always been an area in which men strive and excel.  However,…

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