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  • Bulletstorm Headshot
    10th, February
    Games and Rape: More Thoughts on Carole Lieberman

    This whole fiasco with Fox News and psychiatrist Carole Lieberman is reminiscent of the small scandal involving psychologist Cooper Lawrence. You know, the pundit who was part of the “Mass Effect as a sex emulator” discussion. I’m studying Psychology myself, though I’m obviously no expert, but PSY101 clearly enforces something Dr. Lieberman seems to have forgotten….

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  • 10th, February
    Video Games Made Me Do It!

    When you hear the words “Fox” and “video games” together, it’s not surprising that it usually leads to something stupid on Fox’s part. I was never biased towards Fox before, simply because I was too busy playing video games, but article after article has provided me with enough proof that the people working at Fox…

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  • 17th, January
    Fanboys: The Ugly Side of Gaming

    Video games have truly grown as a medium over the years. Although many out there still see it as a sign of immaturity, a large portion of society now recognizes gaming for the interactive art that it is.  It’s so large now it has its own (crappy) televised award show, tens of thousands flock to…

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  • 13th, December
    VGA Awards: Entertainment or Recognition?

    The general responses I received from people when I asked about the VGA’s is that it’s not worth the effort to watch. I should simply disregard it as an award show in general.  Yet I decided to give it a shot (as this was my first year watching it). Mistake? Like most overhyped award shows,…

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  • Tired Sticky Note
    10th, December
    PS3 Gamer? I’m Tired of Labels!

    I’m not a PS3 gamer. I’m not an Xbox 360 gamer. I’m not a hardcore gamer. I’m not a casual gamer. I’m not even a female gamer. I’m just a gamer. I am passionate about what I love, and what I love are games. I am always open to new gaming experiences… Stop trying to…

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  • 10th, September
    GameCrush: In the Eyes of an Outside Female Gamer

    Gaming conventions like PAX are great places to meet all sorts of people, and who better for me and Jax to bump into than the GameCrush girls! If you’re not aware of what GameCrush is yet, you need to step away from the 5 tabs of porno sites you have in your browser for a…

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  • 21st, July
    Gamer-Non Gamer Dilemma: “Why the hate?!”

    In life, a gamer is surrounded by three types of people: the hardcore (gaming friends), the casuals, and the haters.  An avid gamer will usually try to steer clear of the game-haters to avoid the annoyances they bring, but fate can be cruel and funny. One moment you’re coming up with ideas on how to…

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  • 19th, June
    SG E3 2010: Gamer girls want some eye candy too!

    Beer, chicken wings, Xbox, doughnuts, boobies and fake boobies. I’m sure I’ve grabbed every male reader’s attention. When it comes to the gaming industry, it’s no secret that it is a testosterone-dominated field. From the development of games to the retail shelves, it has always been an area in which men strive and excel.  However,…

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