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  • 25th, May
    How to be a Bad Gaming Parent

    Considering the number of kids I’ve traded in for new releases, I think I know a thing or two about being a gaming parent.  I wouldn’t classify myself as a bad one though; I just appreciate the finer things in lifelike inanimate objects that provide hours of entertainment compared to the hassle of nurturing something…

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  • 16th, May
    Gamer Girlfriend: Sweet Deal or Return to Store?

    There is a myth that’s been around for quite a while now that says not only do girls not play video games, they don’t exist on the internet at all.  I myself am a 30-year-old fat guy that lives in his parent’s basement whose been cloaking his own voice to sound feminine on the Pink…

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  • 20th, April
    Netiquette: Learn how to be somewhat bearable online

    The internet is a grand utopia of infinite possibilities.  You can find out what’s going on in the world at the click of a button or entertain yourself at work with funny pictures of children getting stuck in toilets.  One of the best things about the internet is reconnecting with old friends and meeting others…

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  • 13th, April
    Gamer’s Report Card: Fail

    Life is all about balance, but boy is it difficult when that balancing includes school and video games.  For those of us attending college or still struggling through high school, it can be tough to pay attention in class when you know you have a newly released game waiting for you at home.  Believe it…

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  • 08th, April
    GOW III: Boob-sploitation 101

    Quite recently, I was asked how such a nice girl like me could be playing such a brutal game like God of War III.  Well for one, if you’re referring to me as a “nice girl,” you clearly have no access to police records.  However, I do get these types of questions all the time….

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  • 06th, April
    Don’t Give Credit Where Credit Isn’t Due

    “He did it!”  Any time something goes wrong, people love to put the blame on something else.  You smashed your mom’s favorite vase?  Your brother did it.  You made a mistake at work?  It was the new guy’s fault.  You were caught breaking into CIA headquarters to try to find the whereabouts of Area 51?…

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  • 16th, March
    Learn to Appreciate… or I’ll Smite You

    A wise man once said, “Son of a building block!” That was actually something I uttered myself a short time ago that somehow leads into this article.  For the past few days I have been vacationing in Central America to visit the family, and finally experience the world outside the United States.  It’s been quite…

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