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  • 19th, March
    Pre-Order, Download, Love

    Beginning May 25th, those of you who have your licenses revoked or are under house arrest will be able to terrorize the streets once again – virtually.  The creators of the lovable sackboy bring you a new way to express your imagination and try to run people off the road in ModNation Racers, a PlayStation…

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  • 16th, March
    Learn to Appreciate… or I’ll Smite You

    A wise man once said, “Son of a building block!” That was actually something I uttered myself a short time ago that somehow leads into this article.  For the past few days I have been vacationing in Central America to visit the family, and finally experience the world outside the United States.  It’s been quite…

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  • 10th, March
    Mafia 2: A Collection You Can Easily Hide from Mom

    S6 Note: Everyone give a big Sarcastic Gamer welcome to the newest of our unpaid website slaves, Esmeralda!  Formerly known as AnimeFreak869, she’s going to be joining us as a regular front page writer, as well as continuing to harass people in the forums. She is the first of a new wave of writers; expect…

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