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  • 13th, June
    SG E3 2011: Gotham City Impostors was Actually Fun

    I will admit that I was a little skeptical about Gotham City Impostors when I first heard about it. I believed it was just riding on the coattails of the Batman name to garner attention for another bland first-person shooter. But the girl dressed up as a fake Joker kept urging me over to try…

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  • 13th, June
    SG E3 2011: Naughty Dog Keeps Delivering with Uncharted 3

    If anyone has a time machine, I’d love to borrow it! November 1st could not come any sooner! Naughty Dog is delivering the action-packed adventures of Nathan Drake once again with their latest installment: Uncharted 3. From what I’ve seen so far, we’re in for another great ride.

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  • 12th, June
    SG E3 2011: Mass Effect 3 Brings on the Tears

    If you don’t know the general story of the Mass Effect universe by now, that means you have yet to play at least one Mass Effect game. Therefore, we can no longer be friends. Mass Effect 3 finally brings us to Earth to see the destruction the reapers are reaping upon our futuristic planet. It’s…

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  • 11th, June
    SG E3 2011: Vita Bends Gravity & Makes Sweet Music

    While Lono snuck into the conference rooms to get some hands-on experience with the Vita, I was able to go to Sony booth’s VIP (thank you friends in high places) to also see if the Vita was worth the buzz it was receiving. Two games stuck out for me because of its interesting mechanics and…

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  • 07th, June
    SG E3 2011: In Case You Were Confused about the WiiU (UPDATED)

    Between finding something to eat and the show officially opening up in a few minutes, I’d like to touch really quickly (and oh so gently) on the recent Nintendo press conference. It had a very slow start, or it at least it felt that way for us in the liveblog, since it was concentrating more…

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  • 30th, May
    SG E3 2011: What We Hope For

    With E3 only a week away, I polled the staff to see what everyone wants announced at this year’s event (even if some of their wanted games resort to wishful thinking). I personally hope for a Kingdom Hearts 3 considering the handheld games have disappointed me, as well as some word on Resident Evil 6….

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  • 19th, April
    SG Review: Portal 2

    The first Portal managed to catch the interest of many gamers with its unique take on first-person shooting and bending the laws of physics, all while promising you lots of cake-induced calories. Because of the first game’s awesomeness, people were weary of its sequel not living up to that same level of fun. Could Valve…

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  • 30th, March
    SG Flix: Sucker Punch

    If you came to me and asked me if I would sit down and watch an hour and a half of women in skimpy outfits fight dragons, Nazi zombies, and samurai warriors, I would actually say yes! However, I put off watching Sucker Punch because a part of me felt that the movie would have…

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