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  • 24th, March
    Would you like a DS with that?

    Remember all those old teachers who used to say that you will never amount to anything and you’ll only end up working at McDonald’s?  Well, now it won’t be so bad, if you live in Japan. Considering how much the Japanese love technology and, apparently, heart attacks, the Nintendo DS will now be used as…

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  • 19th, March
    Pre-Order, Download, Love

    Beginning May 25th, those of you who have your licenses revoked or are under house arrest will be able to terrorize the streets once again – virtually.  The creators of the lovable sackboy bring you a new way to express your imagination and try to run people off the road in ModNation Racers, a PlayStation…

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  • 16th, March
    Learn to Appreciate… or I’ll Smite You

    A wise man once said, “Son of a building block!” That was actually something I uttered myself a short time ago that somehow leads into this article.  For the past few days I have been vacationing in Central America to visit the family, and finally experience the world outside the United States.  It’s been quite…

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  • 10th, March
    Mafia 2: A Collection You Can Easily Hide from Mom

    S6 Note: Everyone give a big Sarcastic Gamer welcome to the newest of our unpaid website slaves, Esmeralda!  Formerly known as AnimeFreak869, she’s going to be joining us as a regular front page writer, as well as continuing to harass people in the forums. She is the first of a new wave of writers; expect…

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