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  • 19th, October
    SG Review: Vanquish

    Check your machismo at the door and get ready for some fast-paced action and heavy gunplay when you sit down to play this new title from Platinum Games. Vanquish is a roller-coaster ride that truly surprised me at E3, and didn’t fail to disappoint gameplay-wise when it touched down on my console at home (and…

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  • 04th, October
    SG Review: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

    Love throwing women around like they’re sacks of wheat?  Want to let out your frustration on technology before it kills humanity (because you know it’s only a matter of time)? Like monkeys? Want just an overall great story? Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is not only your game, but it’s the sleeper hit of 2010.

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  • 21st, June
    SG E3 2010: Warriors of Rock may actually rock?

    When the name “Guitar Hero” is dropped, it’s almost rare to hear praise and admiration nowadays – in Yamster’s case, it’s nothing but screams and items being flung across the room.  For a while it seemed like the market for music video games had been bled dry, and Activision did most of the cutting.  That’s…

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  • 19th, June
    SG E3 2010: Gamer girls want some eye candy too!

    Beer, chicken wings, Xbox, doughnuts, boobies and fake boobies. I’m sure I’ve grabbed every male reader’s attention. When it comes to the gaming industry, it’s no secret that it is a testosterone-dominated field. From the development of games to the retail shelves, it has always been an area in which men strive and excel.  However,…

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  • 18th, June
    SG E3 2010: Dance Central again… with a splash of Frawlz!

    Turn your speakers up and make sure your bladder’s empty to prepare yourself for some great footage, because you are about to witness, me, Frawlz, Dave, Darkwonders, Truth & Justice and GTR’s Godfree and LadyLuck as we tried Dance Central! (Or should I say, Dance Central tried Frawlz out!) Click over for the video! You…

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  • 16th, June
    SG E3 2010: Epic Mickey isn’t an epic win

    I’d first like to start my article by saying… YAY E3! I’m actually HERE!! #@%*&!!!!

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