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29th, October
Extra Life: Enslaved Item Winners

Sorry to everyone who’s been waiting for this announcement. The contest was pushed back a bit further to accommodate some late donations (and because I totally spaced out last weekend due to personal circumstances). But it’s all for the kids so I hope you can excuse my short-term memory.

After some random number generating, dancing, and a teddy bear sacrifice (stuffing had to be shed), we have the winners of the Extra Life Enslaved: Odyssey to the West raffle!

  • Charlie Williams
  • Patrick Newman
  • Stein Tore Foss
  • Alex Pero
  • Christina Guardyak
  • Mary Anne Woolley
  • Neil Bowen
  • Jonathan Carmona

Please e-mail me at esmeralda@sarcasticgamer.com as soon as possible to tell me which item you are interested in. Once I have every winner’s prize of choice, I’ll be able to distribute the prizes accordingly (I’ll explain everything clearly in the e-mails in case you’re confused). Be sure to include your address as well (duh)!

For the rest of you, thank you so much for donating and sponsoring me! You truly made my first Extra Life memorable and have made a HUGE difference in kids’ lives. I know for all of us, that’s the greatest reward of all!