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27th, May
Gamernights, now with some UK Flavor (UPDATED)

Just like I promised, gamernights are still happening. This time our weekend gamernights have a slightly broader range compared to last week: a mix of the PS3 and the PC, as well as something for those of you overseas (so you don’t feel ignored)!

UPDATE: It looks like MightyMutt is having issues with PSN at the moment, so he’s switching the gamernight over to the Xbox 360 with some Dirt3! Read this thread for more details.

Game: Mortal Kombat
Platform: PS3
Date: May 27 (Today!)
Time: 8PM GMT
Contact: MightyMutt

MightyMutt from SG UK has stepped into the arena to help manage gamernights for those of you living overseas; you know, you people with the sexy accents. Be sure to contact him over PSN or visit this thread for more details.


Game: Mortal Kombat
Platform: PS3
Date: May 28 (Saturday)
Time: 7PM EDT
Lobby: SGBlu
Contact: PacManPolarBear

Join the active King of the Hill match(es) with PacMan from the Blu show and knock each others’ faces in! Contact him over PSN or his Twitter.

Game: RIFT
Server: Faeblight
Faction: Guardian
Level: Approximately 20
Platform: PC
Date: May 27 (Today!)
Time: 9PM EST
Contact: Darkwonders (Character Name: Ellixa)

Play some RIFT with Darkwonders and SG Pink’s very own Jax! Everyone is welcomed and Darkwonders promises to give out some treats for those that show up. Even if you’re not at the right level to do quests, Jax will gladly sit down with you at the tavern and together you can make fun of others.

– – – –

If you have suggestions on what games to play for gamernights, please submit them here! Also, if you’re able to host a gamernight yourself, make sure to create a new thread about it on our forums! Everyone is welcome to make their own gamernights and I’ll help set it up for you.

Happy Gaming!

May 27th, 2011 at 13:32 by MightyMutt


Right, er…sorry everybody I can’t sign in to PSN. I need to change my password and it won’t let me as it apparently down for maintenance. Didn’t realise that was going to be an issue = / Apologies.

If it sorts it self out in the next hour I will jump on (unlikely I guess) If not I’ll reschedule some MK for another week and be around for some Dirt 3 (on 360) if anyone is interested.