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01st, November
Let’s Review: Batman: Arkham Asylum Results

I love reading about the community’s gaming experiences, especially with games I hold dear like Batman: Arkham Asylum (despite my original skepticism of the title). From Scarecrow’s illusions to the Joker’s crazy schemes, the game had so much to offer. Let’s see what the community had to say about the Dark Knight’s first adventures through insanity!

instant says:

Just replayed it and it is indeed a great game. The atmosphere and mood of the game is spot on, the stealth game-play works great and the combat is so fluid it makes me moist in my special area.

Dare I say this game may one day be referred to as a “Timeless Classic”; fun to play regardless of its age…. well, if you love batman anyway.

The Jack of Hearts says:

Batman Arkham Asylum took me by surprise when I first got the chance to experience it. Having tried demos of both the 360 and PS3 versions I was entertained by the subtle things Rocksteady put in to it. Stalking guards and picking them off one by one, effortlessly fighting rounds of enemies, solving Riddler puzzles, etc made me feel like I was Batman.

I spent so much time on Arkham Asylum that I eventually got my second Platinum trophy. Though even after I completed everything in the game physically possible I still wanted to play the game, a rarity for me as this generation I haven’t played too many games that I felt like I must keep.

daftchunk says:

While I enjoyed my time with AA I didn’t feel like I needed to play it again. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good game, but I don’t feel it’s as great as it’s made out to be. I feel it get’s more credit than it deserves just because it’s ‘Batman’. But that’s just my opinion, more people than not rate it as amazing, so it probably is.

Zombellic says:

I kinda feel the opposite. I’m not a fan of the DC universe at all. I just felt the game balanced it’s simple combat, detective stuff and exploration just right. But what really made the game was the characters and the story.

Less people responded this time around, but I was happy to read through all your responses! It looks like Batman: Arkham Asylum was enjoyable for everyone, and I hope everyone is loving the heck out of Batman: Arkham City!