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  • 18th, November
    Newbies to Dragon Age, Lend Me Your… Eyes

    The reviews and marketing have done its job: I’ll be picking up Dragon Age: Inquisition despite not completing the previous games. Granted, I was pretty set on playing the game once I saw a more extensive demo at E3 this year, which is why I downloaded Dragon Age: Origins to catch up on the story before…

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  • 12th, July
    SG Shop’d (Community): EA / Popcap

    Considering my first attempt at this failed (apparently it was too difficult?), I’m going to remain hopeful and try this again! SG Shop’d (Community) is where you get the chance to demonstrate your photoshop skills – Yamster has already done it before with some Kotick flare. You will be able to submit your own photoshopped…

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