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  • 18th, October
    Extra Life: Raffle Winners

    As always, I apologize for those waiting for this announcement, I meant to post the winners on Sunday. But I know you all forgive me because I’m me, and I’m awesome, and you can’t deny that (because I won’t listen). After some random number generating and a few rain dances, we have the winners of…

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  • 15th, October
    Extra Life: 24-Hour Streams Are a Go! Editor’s Note: Good luck to everyone playing today, let’s keep bringing in that money! Now here’s Knuckles with something for you to enjoy throughout the next 24 hours! Hey guys, Knuckles here. So today is the big day, huh? While you’re gaming away to help kids, feel free to pop on over to our Official Extra…

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  • 14th, October
    Extra Life: SG Community Gaming

    Extra Life is tomorrow! “We so excited!” The time has finally come to finish all those games you promised you’d get back to three years ago, and play nonstop Horde mode in Gears of War 3. But I’m sure you’re wondering if you’ll get the chance to play with some SG personalities amidst all the…

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  • 03rd, October
    Extra Life: Win Arkham City posters, games, and more!

    Extra Life 2011 is fast approaching! I hope you’re stacking up on those energy drinks and pizza coupons, because you’ll definitely need some sustenance to make it through. Last year I was happy to give donators a chance to win some great Enslaved prizes, some of which were very difficult to let go of, and…

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