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  • 01st, May
    Stop the Hate (Gamers)

    In 2002 the world was introduced to Friendster, with MySpace soon to follow, but it was Facebook launching in 2004 and Twitter in 2006 that truly solidified the power of social media. These platforms have sparked millions of people to become more vocal of their ideals and opinions, and this in turn is shaping traditional…

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  • Bulletstorm Headshot
    10th, February
    Games and Rape: More Thoughts on Carole Lieberman

    This whole fiasco with Fox News and psychiatrist Carole Lieberman is reminiscent of the small scandal involving psychologist Cooper Lawrence. You know, the pundit who was part of the “Mass Effect as a sex emulator” discussion. I’m studying Psychology myself, though I’m obviously no expert, but PSY101 clearly enforces something Dr. Lieberman seems to have forgotten….

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  • 10th, February
    Video Games Made Me Do It!

    When you hear the words “Fox” and “video games” together, it’s not surprising that it usually leads to something stupid on Fox’s part. I was never biased towards Fox before, simply because I was too busy playing video games, but article after article has provided me with enough proof that the people working at Fox…

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  • 16th, August
    Has EA gone too far with Medal of Honor?

    We all love FOX News: they’re one of the best outlets out there to make a drinking game out of. Another biased reporter spewing nonsense? Drink! This time, however, it seems FOX News is defending the correct side of the spectrum in a discussion surrounding Electronic Arts’ upcoming title Medal of Honor. Medal of Honor…

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  • 06th, April
    Don’t Give Credit Where Credit Isn’t Due

    “He did it!”  Any time something goes wrong, people love to put the blame on something else.  You smashed your mom’s favorite vase?  Your brother did it.  You made a mistake at work?  It was the new guy’s fault.  You were caught breaking into CIA headquarters to try to find the whereabouts of Area 51?…

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