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  • 01st, May
    Stop the Hate (Gamers)

    In 2002 the world was introduced to Friendster, with MySpace soon to follow, but it was Facebook launching in 2004 and Twitter in 2006 that truly solidified the power of social media. These platforms have sparked millions of people to become more vocal of their ideals and opinions, and this in turn is shaping traditional…

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  • 21st, July
    Gamer-Non Gamer Dilemma: “Why the hate?!”

    In life, a gamer is surrounded by three types of people: the hardcore (gaming friends), the casuals, and the haters.  An avid gamer will usually try to steer clear of the game-haters to avoid the annoyances they bring, but fate can be cruel and funny. One moment you’re coming up with ideas on how to…

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