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  • 17th, May
    MK: Legacy Commentary (All the Videos in One Place)

    I’ve loved Mortal Kombat ever since I was way too young to play it, so when I heard the newest title was going to stick to its original roots of badassery I was thrilled. The game met my expectations of gruesome finishers and over-the-top entertainment. Even the fact that I suck at fighting games hasn’t…

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  • 07th, September
    MK Blowout II: “It’s bloody delicious,” says this girl gamer

    While my nose recuperates from the smelly extravaganza that is PAX and the sensation in my feet slowly returns, this seems like the perfect time to talk about a game that rips rib cages open and tears hearts out in a glorified gruesome manner. How the former ties into the latter I don’t know, but…

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