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  • 27th, May
    Gamernights, now with some UK Flavor (UPDATED)

    Just like I promised, gamernights are still happening. This time our weekend gamernights have a slightly broader range compared to last week: a mix of the PS3 and the PC, as well as something for those of you overseas (so you don’t feel ignored)! UPDATE: It looks like MightyMutt is having issues with PSN at…

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  • 20th, May
    Gamernights are Back (UPDATED)

    We heard your pleas and gamernights are back on! Well, they were always happening in the background, but now I’ll bring them to the forefront again so everyone is able to join the fun! We have something for every night this weekend, take a peek! UPDATED: Community member JBarC will also be holding an SG…

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  • 17th, May
    MK: Legacy Commentary (All the Videos in One Place)

    I’ve loved Mortal Kombat ever since I was way too young to play it, so when I heard the newest title was going to stick to its original roots of badassery I was thrilled. The game met my expectations of gruesome finishers and over-the-top entertainment. Even the fact that I suck at fighting games hasn’t…

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  • 22nd, February
    Video Game Movies: What Do YOU Want?

    It’s no secret that there’s an outcry when Hollywood announces plans for a movie based on a popular video game. The usual questions are “what the hell?” and “Why?!” Fans of said game are usually going to be on the offensive, making arguments that Hollywood is just trying to make ‘quick’ money and will, in…

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  • 27th, December
    Upcoming Games of 2011 (By Month)

    Before you drink that gallon of spiked eggnog and drunkenly ruin a child’s Christmas by telling him or her that there is no Santa, remember to save any holiday money for your 2011 gaming habit. As of right now, next year is packing quite a punch. So if little Timmy wants an iPad from Old…

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  • 07th, September
    MK Blowout II: “It’s bloody delicious,” says this girl gamer

    While my nose recuperates from the smelly extravaganza that is PAX and the sensation in my feet slowly returns, this seems like the perfect time to talk about a game that rips rib cages open and tears hearts out in a glorified gruesome manner. How the former ties into the latter I don’t know, but…

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  • 10th, June
    “FINISH HIM!” in the new Mortal Kombat game

    “Get over here!,” it’s not just for picking up chicks anymore.  Everyday this week we’ve been hit with some type of Mortal Kombat news, and the latest announcement looks to make the fans even happier. Mortal Kombat is rebooted, with video, after the jump!

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