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  • 30th, March
    The Sexual Tribulations of an Overwatch Pose

    Something happened on the internet yesterday. No, I’m not talking about how we’re all weaker than this grandma who deadlifts 225 lbs (but holy crap lady). I’m speaking of course to the removal of Tracer’s “over the shoulder” pose in Blizzard’s Overwatch. Sparked by a post written by community member Fipps, it challenged the butt-centric shot for being out of…

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  • 30th, July
    Video Games = Abstinence, Thanks to UCF

    I’m sure we all remember our middle school years: gang turf wars, orgies, drugs, alcohol, and the occasional book report.  Thus, it’s no surprise that the federal government is giving taxpayer money over to the University of Central Florida, to help them develop a peer pressure game for pre-teen girls.

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  • 09th, July
    Achievements or Nookie?

    As a psychology major, the mind of the human being fascinates me a great deal, and nothing is more interesting than the brain of my fellow gamers.  After all, you’re all a bunch of weirdos and borderline psychotics.  Did I just lose my only reader? Well, I stumbled upon some interesting articles that, although a…

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  • 14th, April
    Sex Addiction, a Wii Fit Exclusive Feature

    Men everywhere now have a reason to dish out the dough to buy their girlfriends and wives a Wii! According to the Daily Star, in London a 24-year-old woman named Amanda Flowers has developed a very serious condition after falling off her Wii Fit board.  Known as persistent sexual arousal syndrome, Amanda is left to…

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