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  • 08th, August
    SG Review: Fruit Ninja Kinect

    Despite several people disliking motion control (ahem, Yoshifett), there are a few games out there that work with the implementation. I don’t want Kinect imbedded into every game out there (really Ghost Recon?), but when the right game gets motion control, it’s a blast. The right game this time around is Fruit Ninja Kinect, and…

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  • 03rd, June
    Gamernights Finally with Some 360 Action

    Thanks for bearing with us as we try get gamernights started up again! We hope to keep getting more participation and feedback from the community. Continue reading to see what games we’re playing this weekend and so you can suggest more games for us to play together!

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  • 06th, May
    Learn the Definition of Fanboy

    A fanboy is a fanatic of a certain series, character or product. One that has an overwhelming appreciation and enthusiasm for said subject. They don’t listen to reasoning when someone tries to present them with contradictory facts and will do anything in their power to prove what they like is better than what you like….

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  • 19th, April
    SG Review: Portal 2

    The first Portal managed to catch the interest of many gamers with its unique take on first-person shooting and bending the laws of physics, all while promising you lots of cake-induced calories. Because of the first game’s awesomeness, people were weary of its sequel not living up to that same level of fun. Could Valve…

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  • 31st, March
    Don’t Let Multiplayer Mania Ruin Your Game

    The video game industry seems to be a delicate one. With the supposed problems of piracy, used game sales, production costs, and companies needing to sell a lot more games to actually make a profit, several steps are being taken to try to survive. For one, it seems like developers are taking fewer risks now;…

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  • 18th, March
    Valve discards ad agencies and does it better alone

    The employees at Valve love originality, and this mindset carries over from their games to their marketing. That’s why Valve has decided to go at it alone and create their own TV commercials for their up-and-coming game Portal 2.

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  • 23rd, February
    How to Become a Better Gamer

    Here at Sarcastic Gamer we like helping one another in the gaming community. One way we try to help is by telling other gamers how much they suck. If you’re reading this article, you might one of these people that suck. How do you suck? I actually don’t want to know, given the innuendo that…

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  • 22nd, February
    Video Game Movies: What Do YOU Want?

    It’s no secret that there’s an outcry when Hollywood announces plans for a movie based on a popular video game. The usual questions are “what the hell?” and “Why?!” Fans of said game are usually going to be on the offensive, making arguments that Hollywood is just trying to make ‘quick’ money and will, in…

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