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Hermit Cute Eyes
31st, May
A Hermit Transforming into a Cocoon?
Foamy Bitch Hermit

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Here I am reading over my last blog post on how I planned to start writing again, and it was dated five months ago. So much for ambition removing my writer’s block!

As many of you know, I’ve moved to Los Angeles and now work for the company Machinima. I’ve only been in L.A. for about four months, but it’s been quite the ride already. I’ve learned many things about the YouTube world, I’ve experienced weather with no humidity, I’ve met a lot of interesting people so far, and it’s good to know there’s more in store. I definitely miss everyone in Miami, except for zombie patient zero, but this change is definitely what I needed in my life.

I’ve stated quite a few times before that I feel blessed that I was brought into the game industry scene. I was attending college when I started writing for Sarcastic Gamer, but because I didn’t live on campus I didn’t get to experience the college lifestyle. That’s not the fault of anyone but myself, as I was so focused on graduation that I didn’t make the extra push for socializing with my peers. Now that I work for a company as diverse and down-to-earth as Machinima, I feel like I’m getting a second chance. A do-over, if you will.

L.A. life so far has been a bit expensive (how much is that burger?!), but quite enjoyable nonetheless! Most weekends I actually have things to do and people to see, unless a game like Diablo III comes out and I decide there’s some “me time” to be had. Drinking is a popular thing in L.A. and something I now partake in (though to a MUCH lesser extent than the seasoned partiers). Coming from a club city like Miami I’m sure people expected me to be used to that scene, but that was rarely a thing me and my friends did. Granted, I still don’t understand the real purpose of bar hopping besides the new bar tab you have to open, but the people I hang out with make it worthwhile! There’s still a lot for me to experience here, like seeing whether Disneyland measures up to Disney World, but there’s no rush – just more memories to create.

Oh, and the stereotypes about L.A. residents are completely wrong. Everyone has been extremely nice! But the stigma about L.A. traffic is completely accurate. It’s survival of the quickest out there.

Though this entire transition is just a small step in the ladder that is my future, there’s already a positive I foresee. I may not be a social butterfly (yet), but at least I’ve become more comfortable in my skin and actually approach others before they get the chance to approach me. As a former hermit, that speaks volumes. I don’t see anything I do as networking; I see everyone as a potential friend.

If anyone of you reading this feel like you’re in a shell you want to break out of, start posting more on forums (I hear BigRedBarrel has some awesome members). Create accounts on social media platforms, even if you feel they’re a waste of your time. Though I now work in a company where 80% of the employees are gamers, quite a number of the friends I now game with were from Twitter! When you’re in a room full of people (classes, LAN parties, party chat), talk to others outside of your established group. Step out of your comfort zone – believe me, you’ll be okay.

If any of my co-workers are reading this, thank you 😉

There’s your update on what’s going on in my world! Welcome to the (second) resurrection of my blog, and to #2012noregrets.

P.S. Stay tuned! Not only am I blogging again, but an Esmeralda YouTube channel may arise soon!