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  • Top Games of 2011
    01st, January
    Esme’s Top Games of 2011

    Every year people meditate on all the video games, books, movies, and albums they’ve sampled, and then compile top number lists to put their favorites in a hierarchy. I’m not usually one for fads, but this process does actually allow us to reflect on the great works of art we’ve had the privilege to experience…

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  • Look of Disapproval Glasses
    01st, March
    Pushing Boundaries vs. Tasteless Media: One Example

    There’s a new mod coming out in a few months. This mod uses the Valve Source engine to make a game that covers a controversial topic. The mod is titled School Shooter: North American Tour 2012. From the title alone, you can see why it’s a controversial subject that has had gamers take a side on…

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  • Bulletstorm Headshot
    10th, February
    Games and Rape: More Thoughts on Carole Lieberman

    This whole fiasco with Fox News and psychiatrist Carole Lieberman is reminiscent of the small scandal involving psychologist Cooper Lawrence. You know, the pundit who was part of the “Mass Effect as a sex emulator” discussion. I’m studying Psychology myself, though I’m obviously no expert, but PSY101 clearly enforces something Dr. Lieberman seems to have forgotten….

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  • Tired Sticky Note
    10th, December
    PS3 Gamer? I’m Tired of Labels!

    I’m not a PS3 gamer. I’m not an Xbox 360 gamer. I’m not a hardcore gamer. I’m not a casual gamer. I’m not even a female gamer. I’m just a gamer. I am passionate about what I love, and what I love are games. I am always open to new gaming experiences… Stop trying to…

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