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02nd, September
SG PAX Prime 2011: Jetpack Joyride

I’d like to start off this preview by letting everyone know that I want an iPad and you should buy me one. The reason you should gift me this device is because I’m awesome, and that pretty much sums it up. Now that that’s out of the way: I got to play some Jetpack Joyride on the iPad at PAX and it was such a joy to rideā€¦ play. This review is already tainted.

I’m sad that I have to admit I’ve never played Age of Zombies or Monster Dash, so I didn’t know who Barry Steakfries was before I demoed the game on the show floor. It looks like I was missing out on an interesting character, because he seems to know a lot of horror creatures. However, this time around he gets a break from all that mayhem when he steals a jetpack and accomplishes what we all hope to do in the future (fly and annoy scientists in a factory).

The game is extremely simple, but a lot of fun. You press anywhere on the screen to propel Barry into the air and let go when you want him to descend. Your objective is to collect coins for a high score and avoid getting hit by lasers and rockets scattered throughout the factory. It may sound too simple for it to be entertaining, but it becomes quite addictive once you start playing.

The game has its own little achievements that you can unlock to make the game more challenging. You can try to high five all the scientists throughout the entire level or you can attempt to complete the course under a certain time. With the coins you collect, you can buy other jetpacks as well as different clothes for Barry. It certainly is unique to fly as a zombie wearing a rainbow jetpack! You can also purchases bonuses to use in the game, such as a bomb that propels you forward a few feet to avoid dying in the firstĀ five seconds or hearts to survive a hit.

If you’re into the whole “sharing photos” thing, the game will actually take photos for you while you’re playing so you can then post those shots on Facebook. I’m sure everyone is tired of seeing your bathroom mirror by now, so share and get an achievement!

The game is easy to pick up and it’s only $0.99 in the app store. I’ll have to be patient for an Android port of the game, but the rest of you can have fun without me. Or you can buy me the iPad. Remember, I’m awesome.