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  • The Walking Dead Seaon 2 Quotes
    04th, March
    I’ve Been Quoted for a Game!

    Below you’ll see a few outlets like IGN, GameInformer, and Machinima… that last one is me! I’m so happy that my first endorsement quote is for a video game like Telltale’s The Walking Dead! It feels a bit surreal. I’m also relieved it was used in the right context, given some of the horror stories I’ve…

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  • ZombiU Zombie Growl
    11th, June
    Get Ready for ZombiU

    I’m sure there was a collective sigh when a zombie appeared on the screen at the Ubisoft press conference. We’ve been bombarded with zombies these past couple of years, and although there is some great material out there like The Walking Dead, there’s still a saturation. However, the ZombiU trailer took us all by surprise…

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  • Assassins Creed 3 Field
    09th, June
    Fun Stabbing with Assassin’s Creed 3

      The Assassin’s Creed franchise had quite the appearance at E3 this year; what with the trailers for the third title blowing everyone away at the press conferences and the reveal of Assassin’s Creed: Liberation giving us something to look forward to on the Vita. Yep, this show Ubisoft had their golden geese front and…

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  • E3 2012 Press Conference
    09th, June
    My Thoughts on the Rest of the Conferences

    For those of you still winding down from E3, I decided to give you all something to read in the meantime. Now that E3 is over and done with, I actually have a chance to write my thoughts on how the show went this year. I would have written something on the other conferences sooner, but you’d be surprised how hard it is to manage time for such tasks when you’re on the move.

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  • 31st, August
    SG PAX Prime 2011: Shoot Many Robots

    Shoot Many Robots is a game that puts you up against robots and your goal is to… wait for it… shoot as many of them as possible! It’s a title quite fitting of the overall purpose of its product. The demo I got to play at PAX had me and one of the developers going…

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