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  • 01st, May
    Stop the Hate (Gamers)

    In 2002 the world was introduced to Friendster, with MySpace soon to follow, but it was Facebook launching in 2004 and Twitter in 2006 that truly solidified the power of social media. These platforms have sparked millions of people to become more vocal of their ideals and opinions, and this in turn is shaping traditional…

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  • 28th, March
    A Note on the IGDA Controversy

    Another party, another controversy, this time at the Game Developer Conference. You can be sure if there’s an article denouncing a party or event of some sort, it usually involves women. The IGDA has come under fire after news broke out that their GDC party last night had a group of scantily clad women dancing…

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  • 23rd, March
    Clinging to my Brick and Mortar Stores

    Do you notice how your older relatives always start a sentence with “back in my day” when they’re about to complain? Like clockwork I would hear my mother criticize today’s gas prices, food prices, electricity… anything to do with money when compared to a few years ago. Now I’m beginning to fear I’ll start all…

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  • 16th, March
    Are the Brutal Tomb Raider Death Scenes Sexist?

    The new Tomb Raider is a reboot to a well-known and beloved series, enlightening us with the backstory to how Lara Croft came to be so skilled at what she does. From the minute Tomb Raider appeared on your television screen, she was shooting wolves in the face and managing to scale rocks and walls unclimbable to…

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  • 20th, October
    Extra Life Spotlight

      What is Extra Life? Extra Life is an annual 24-hour gaming marathon that helps raise money for children hospitals all over the world (through the Children’s Miracle Network). It started as a small drive on Sarcastic Gamer to help a young girl named Victoria (Tori) get through her hospital days as she battled acute…

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  • Ouya Console
    20th, August
    OUYA, an Interesting Time in Gaming History

    We’re truly experiencing a unique change in gaming history. No, I’m not referring to graphical leaps or better hardware. I’m speaking of the new prospects developers now have where they can easily receive help from the community to make their ideas come to fruition. A time in history where the lines between developer, publisher and…

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  • Walking Dead Lee Fighting Off Zombie
    19th, July
    The Walking Dead: Episode 2 Review

    The Walking Dead series has proven to be a monumental hit, evolving well beyond its initial run as a monthly comic book. Having its own board game and expanding into a T.V. series now running into its third season, it was only natural that it take the next step in entertainment by becoming a video…

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  • Kickstarter Matrix
    12th, July
    Kickstarter: Esme’s Gaming Rig

    Hey guys! Like I mentioned on Twitter, I want a gaming rig and I decided to start a Kickstarter to raise the money for it. Click below for more details and the link to the Kickstarter!

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