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  • E3 2012
    01st, June
    Esme’s Anticipated Games of E3 2012

    Turns out I will be attending this year’s E3 extravaganza, though I was very unsure of this earlier in the month. Luckily Machinima was able to snag me a badge after all, though it wasn’t for editorial purposes. Despite my responsibilities being different for this year’s event, I’ll be doing my best to stalk developers…

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  • Hermit Cute Eyes
    31st, May
    A Hermit Transforming into a Cocoon?

    Here I am reading over my last blog post on how I planned to start writing again, and it was dated five months ago. So much for ambition removing my writer’s block! As many of you know, I’ve moved to Los Angeles and now work for the company Machinima. I’ve only been in L.A. for…

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  • Doubt Looking for Answer
    07th, January
    Get Over It

    Life is full of many obstacles, and you don’t need to read a random blog to know that. There’s many aspects in our lives that cause much stress, but nothing is more deterring than obstacles we place ourselves. Hurdles that we’ve allowed to just manifest themselves, and that we can’t seem to remove or jump…

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  • Top Games of 2011
    01st, January
    Esme’s Top Games of 2011

    Every year people meditate on all the video games, books, movies, and albums they’ve sampled, and then compile top number lists to put their favorites in a hierarchy. I’m not usually one for fads, but this process does actually allow us to reflect on the great works of art we’ve had the privilege to experience…

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  • 14th, November
    Review: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

    I have a startling confession to make: I have never played a Halo game. It may be because secretly my family and friends are all Sony employees, or it may simply be that I did not have the means to play it back in the day. For a while I even disliked the Halo games…

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  • 24th, October
    Review: Dance Central 2

    It’s that time of the year where we’re saturated with great games for the next couple of months, and we couldn’t be happier (although the same can’t be said for our wallets). As we’re still gliding around Arkham City, this Tuesday we’ll also be called to the front lines. I on the other hand received…

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  • 13th, October
    SG Review: Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD

    I can honestly assert that I like the Resident Evil series. Yet, I’ve only played the fifth game, which everyone else didn’t seem to like very much. That’s why I can also state that I’m a fan of re-releases, because there are some gamers out there, such as myself, who didn’t get to enjoy the…

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  • 10th, October
    SG Review: Valve Presents: The Sacrifice

    I’m not much of a comic book nerd. Although I love mangas, as well as the heroes we now have from American comic books, I don’t delve into them as much as I should. Yet give it to Valve to convince me to read comics when they make them. Valve Presents: The Sacrifice, And Other Steam-Powered…

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