Esmeralda Portillo

Esmeralda Portillo is a games media editor, online personality, and personal branding consultant.

She was introduced to the entertainment industry as a member of the Sarcastic Gamer staff as their executive editor and community manager. She was also a host and producer of the Sarcastic Gamer PINK! Show, one of the world’s first female podcast series to focus on video games.

She went on to work for the company Machinima to become a talent development manager and Inside Gaming’s managing editor. In 2015, she announced her new position as IGN’s executive editor of custom content.

In the midst of all that, Esmeralda has also freelanced for Newegg’s GameCrate, GamesRadar, Complex, GameZone, The Escapist, and Polaris. She’s assisted in coordinating events for the children’s charity organization known as Extra Life. To ensure she never sleeps, she currently moonlights as the EIC for Unofficial Disney Days.

Additionally, she helps influencers spruce up their branding presence, because somebody has to.

I’m in your Internet, screwing things up.



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    Composition and analysis on pop culture media such as video games, YouTube, movies, and community involvement.

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    Editing for publication, individual self-improvement, and market copyediting.

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    Contract project management to organize and stabilize work flow. Develop protocols for maximum productivity.

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    Best practices and tool resources for personal brand refinement.

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    Graphic Design

    Personalized design work for business cards, social media profiles, print work, etc.

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  • Overwatch Tracer Pose
    30th, March
    The Sexual Tribulations of an Overwatch Pose

    Something happened on the internet yesterday. No, I’m not talking about how we’re all weaker than this grandma who deadlifts 225 lbs (but holy crap lady). I’m speaking of course to the removal of Tracer’s “over the shoulder” pose in Blizzard’s Overwatch. Sparked by a post written by community member Fipps, it challenged the butt-centric shot for being out of…

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  • Twitter Keyboard Push
    07th, March
    Weird Social Situations, Thanks to Twitter

    Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter; it’s so weird that the impulse to share every thought that pops into our head is a concept we’ve only had for 12 years or so. MySpace and Facebook gave us the opportunity to share our cat photos with close friends, but Twitter came along and changed the game when it provided the option for anyone…

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  • Christmas Traditions
    16th, December
    Small Beginnings for My Christmas Traditions

    I was having a conversation with my bestie not too long ago identifying what our favorite things are, and once again we landed on something we mutually love: Christmas (that’s why we’re besties). But although we shared the same obsession with the holiday, we had drastically different reasons for making it special—at least on the…

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  • Dragon Age Inquisition
    18th, November
    Newbies to Dragon Age, Lend Me Your… Eyes

    The reviews and marketing have done its job: I’ll be picking up Dragon Age: Inquisition despite not completing the previous games. Granted, I was pretty set on playing the game once I saw a more extensive demo at E3 this year, which is why I downloaded Dragon Age: Origins to catch up on the story before…

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  • Writer Ideas
    04th, October
    The Hardest Thing about being a Freelance Writer

    Driving ferraris and attending parties with goody bags full of diamonds are what freelancers are made for, but that’s not the realistic picture of how freelancers actually live. With the luxuries of working from home and setting your own schedule come the hurdles of sporadic work availability and the too frequent non-payments. Though my situation is…

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  • The Walking Dead Seaon 2 Quotes
    04th, March
    I’ve Been Quoted for a Game!

    Below you’ll see a few outlets like IGN, GameInformer, and Machinima… that last one is me! I’m so happy that my first endorsement quote is for a video game like Telltale’s The Walking Dead! It feels a bit surreal. I’m also relieved it was used in the right context, given some of the horror stories I’ve…

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  • YouTube Comments Bad Time
    03rd, March
    Social Experiment: YouTube Comments

    There’s a reason Twitter feeds like @AvoidComments exist. Comments can range from encouraging or crushing, and no where is that most true than on YouTube. YouTube comments bring in all walks of life, and those walks can be pretty nasty. But thanks to an unplanned social experiment, I learned there’s hope! I found out that if…

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  • Gmail Google Plus
    23rd, February
    Anyone Can Email You through Google Plus (Here’s How to Turn It Off)

    As the back-and-forth with Google+ continues, the social platform recently introduced a new feature that not everyone was thrilled about. In January, on the heels of their YouTube and Google+ (controversial) integration, Google also announced that strangers now have the option to email you directly through your Google+ profile. In fact, these individuals don’t even need to be…

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